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The spiders say it’s Spring.

Nothing much happened today except buying a trio of boxes to store my macrame-applicable yarns in.  I should probably toss the crochet hooks in there, too.

Well, plus I went to an appointment, took a nap, and studied for Economics tomorrow, in addition to trying to read for my other class.  I’m seriously not knowing how well I’m going to do on the take-home final, given that I haven’t read a lot of the material, and much of it wasn’t part of any lecture.  Wish me luck.

Besides this, it is oppressively hot, I just vacuumed up two spiders who looked like they were siblings (one in the bathroom and then another one in the computer room), and I am very, very ready for this semester to be over.

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Probably going to be up all night…

Alright, so I didn’t get any beading done today.  I hardly got any reading done, today.

It’s been a pattern with me recently that I’ll end up sleeping into the afternoon on days when I don’t have school or work — even if my alarm goes off.  I just get up, groggy, turn it off, and go back to bed.  And then I don’t remember having turned the thing off.  So today wasn’t really productive.

I had time between late afternoon and early evening to read (around 2 hours) — until my mind stopped focusing, at least.  Then, I had to eat dinner; then I fell asleep sometime around 6 PM and woke up around 10:30 or 11 PM, like it was morning.  So…I don’t think I’m going to be falling asleep again, anytime soon.  I honestly feel more awake now, than I generally do at 8 AM.

I did change the Theme of this page.  If it’s too hard to read (like if the contrast between text and background is too low), feel free to leave me a comment.  I was just thinking that I’ve had the same Theme (Fleur de Lys) since probably around 2010, and decided to experiment a bit.  Maybe I can hand-draw a header and scan it in?  Or I can go outside and take some spring flower photos, which will probably be more sophisticated.  Like the flower mats growing out in the backyard, right now.

Just a thought.

Maybe I’ll try and work on my final project for Marketing.  Or, better yet, read the material for Economics tomorrow, since that deadline is coming up sooner, and the material will be harder to understand if I don’t.

I feel like I should be doing things other than going to classes, but I suppose that’s what happens when I’ve spent well over 20 years in classes.  Overkill, maybe?  Or just a step closer to discovering where I want to be, in life?

Probably, it’s just part of my process.  It’s just that college classes are such a freakin’ game…and there are other ways to learn.  Especially if I want to be a crafter.