It’s been *that long* since my last post?!

I’ve got to remember to use this blog again. The possibility of making a library program (or more than one) in which I teach people how to bead, has arisen. That means that this blog, which is more thematic than personal, would be good to use as a hub.

That also means that I’ve got a lot of material on other blogs to mine, here. I should rewrite/repost some of the content.


This blog now open to search engines.


This blog just went public.  Search engines are now granted permission to index it.

I figured that since the one visitor I got every 2-3 days was probably linked to the clickjacking warning I kept getting whenever I test-clicked “Like,” (which is the reason there are no more “Likes” on this blog for now), it was like, hey, why not let Google see it?


I’m back :)


I don’t have a lot of time to write right now, but I was about to post to a log on a forum which I think I’m about to exit, and thought to myself, “why am I doing this here?”  I remembered that I had this WordPress blog, then, and dug up the link, etc.  Interesting to read over my own materials from years past.  I suppose I could say that a lot has happened in the two years I’ve been absent?

The most pressing of these issues is one which I wasn’t worried about until recently; this is gaining full independence.  Because of this, I’ve been attempting to find a way to make a living.  Right now, I think that this will be centered around jewelry; and right now, I have the inkling that it will be centered specifically around “craft jewelry”…beading, beadweaving, wirework, and fiber art.  I’ve thought of going into full-on metalsmithing, and I have taken a couple of classes in that.  Basically, though, metal usually doesn’t have a lot of color, and so I find myself wanting to work with my seed beads more again when I confront the idea of designing for fabrication.  Otherwise, I’m kind of stuck working with reactive metals or craft wire.  There’s also the possibility of using a lot of colored stones, but that’s still pretty limited, relatively.

I originally got into metalwork because I wanted to use cabochons and stones, but I didn’t think that the way they could be set, within beadwork, was the most…what’s the term? economical? simple? way to do things.  Particularly, I was thinking of bezel-setting.  This can be done with cabochons in bead embroidery and beadweaving, but these methods…at least from my current perspective, seem to cover up a lot of the stone.  This is kind of counterproductive when you want to display the stone — when the stone is the focal point, as contrasted with when the weaving or embroidery is more in focus.  But what I’ve found is that when one is working in metal…it’s an entirely different way of working.  There is potential in it.  If I do it, though, I’ll have to find a way to satisfy my own goals and aesthetics, and not just produce pieces of fine art jewelry that look really formal and expensive, but which are relatively aesthetically conservative.  Or maybe, “restrained,” is the best way to put it.

Today I picked up a couple of books, given that I did pick up a couple of cabochons recently to design around, and now have the dubious task of creating with them as centerpieces.  I now have about five little stones which I can work with.  I’m wanting to look into bead embroidery for this.  I also am thinking about embroidery on fabric, as embellishments for clothing — as I’m thinking to myself that if I’m going to be making things to sell, why would I necessarily limit myself to jewelry, especially considering that I have almost all of the materials I’d need not only to bead-embroider, but to just plain embroider?  I could work on embroidered purses or coin purses or something…just little special things to make people feel good.

And then I could work in sewing as well, if I made the purses myself.  I’m just finding myself really wanting to work with needles, at this point.  Right now I’m in two Business classes, both on an entrepreneurial track.  But they’re taking time away from what I might otherwise be using to practice my crafts and build my skill and aesthetic senses.  So if I keep going the way I am, I’ll be able to sell things, but not have anything to sell.

My drive isn’t to be a businessperson; my drive is to create.  I’m thinking, actually, of hiring someone to deal with the Business side of things while I focus on Design.  I’ve just got to have a good head about myself so that I don’t get taken advantage of.

Right now I’m torn between taking time off of classes to work on my arts and crafts over the summer, or taking an intermediate-level Drawing course.  Maybe I should give myself a break, yeah?  I’m thinking of taking Watercolor, come Fall.  I can also take Intermediate Drawing, then, as well.  I just want to get my hands on colors again, and learn to draw in color; the two Drawing classes I took previously only had an introduction to color (monochrome techniques were taught first).  I’d take Drawing, but…I’m thinking that at this point, maybe school doesn’t have all the answers.

There are other ways to learn what I want to learn — including continuing-education and private classes, and classes at local Art Centers; plus the Small Business Administration, local Chambers of Commerce, and professional and special-interest associations which I could join, to meet people and gain a sense of what the field is actually like.  And, of course, I could work at home.  I could build up a repertoire of things which I could sell whenever someone says, “I’d like to buy something from you,” which has happened at least 3-4 times in the last 6 months.  I could experiment with selling things at flea markets with my godmother.  You know?  Maybe it’s time to do something, instead of preparing to do something.


I really don’t know why I named this blog what I did

(Well, that’s only kind of true.)

It would make more sense if I actually knew how to make mokume gane, for example. Then there would be marbled gold! There! Nice, clean, right? Heh.

I mentioned in my “About” page that I’d be linking this blog to Ravelry, and, well, I may be saying too much, but without Ravelry, this blog wouldn’t exist. I’ve gotten into fiber arts recently, and it’s my new “thing”. Yeah, I know. How quickly we go through new “things.” But hopefully, I’ll be able to make some beautiful, functional stuff. (As opposed to just, “beautiful.”)

I had been questioning whether I wanted to go into metalsmithing and the like — to make jewelry, understand. It isn’t seeming like that great of a career path, right now. :) One tires of making the pretty things which don’t do anything but look pretty, I suppose. I dunno. Maybe I can post photos of my jewelry sometime in the future. Maybe it will help me move forward in continuing to make more.

(As it is, I just bought eight bobbins of multicolored Nymo B which are sitting unused! -_-; Gah.)

Well, I guess Nymo is better for me than Silamide…

Yeah, you can tell where this is going, huh? Bet there will be jewelry images coming. Even if I don’t intend it. They will just migrate to the computer. ^_^ Oh, oops. Did I just click that camera button?