back into beading

It’s been quite a while since I’ve attended to this blog.  I’m writing now because I got back into the jewelry for the first time in a long time, a couple of days ago.

To be quick about this:  I ended up making a replacement bracelet for someone who accidentally broke one of mine.  I couldn’t remember the original color scheme all too clearly…so I ended up using Alexandrite Swarovski crystal beads in place of what I think was some sort of reddish purple in the last bracelet (probably Amethyst).  The Alexandrite color changes between a clear, light blue and reddish lilac, depending on the makeup of the light source under which it’s viewed.

I didn’t charge very much for the bracelet — basically I was just barely over recouping the cost of materials.  But hey — I got paid!  :D  It wasn’t fully out of pocket!  It was my first commissioned piece, so I’m happy.

I also made a couple of pairs of earrings.  One of them is made of Crystal AB Swarovski drops with rondelles above them, on sterling wire — a very simple earring, but also very nice.  They stand out well against my hair and clothing.

The other set used what I believe are Light Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow rondelles, with some kind of very dark red (I think Garnet, from a quick lookup) Swarovski drops, on gold-filled wire.  The look reminds me of something vampiric.  Both the sets are really elegant-looking, but also wearable on a daily basis, I believe (I’ve only worn the silver ones, so far — I still have to see what those deep red briolettes are going to do in the sunlight[!]).

Last time I was at the bead store, I couldn’t help but pick up 21 little crystals for a Fall bracelet.  Unfortunately it looks like Fall will be over before I get anything done (^_-), but while I have the color table brought up, I might as well try and identify the colors.  The bracelet is basically a color gradation between Indian Red and Fern Green, if my monitor and color identification are correct.

I think the progression goes:

Fern Green — Olivine — Lime — Topaz — Indian Red

…and then repeats in reverse, then forward again, then reverse, then forward.  I was going to put all of these on gold-filled wire, but I believe the wire I have is 24 gauge.  I’m not willing, at this point, to shell out $30-sth. in order to get a harder, thicker wire in a bulk package from my local store…so I’m thinking of trying to find some brass-tone Soft Flex (which shouldn’t tarnish, it’s coated), and use either galvanized seed beads in a goldish tone, or the Burnt Orange Topaz Luster beads I have here, to space them out.

Two more things before I end this entry.  First, I’m thinking of setting up an inventory to take to the bead store when I’m about to design a new piece of jewelry.  That is, setting aside small samples of what I have, and stringing them and tying them off, so that I’ll be able to effectively color-match and avoid buying duplicates (especially of seed beads, but this applies to Swarovski as well).  I can put these, and my more unique beads, into a small bag and take them with me, so I won’t get caught in the trap of assuming my rocailles will work when they actually make the entire thing look cheap, etc.

Second.  I’m thinking, instead of writing totally new entries every time I’m here, of setting pingbacks to earlier entries and then updating the old topics with fresh information.  I think the only person to have commented on anything here is myself, heh, ;) so why not?

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