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So there is a point to drawing from life…

I’m thinking now, after having looked back over an old sketchbook that I used while taking art classes — that there *is* a point to drawing from life.  It helps encourage one to pay attention to what is around oneself, to organic forms and other forms which would be difficult to conceptualize.  I mean, so that you’re not limited to the basic forms of what you can think of.  I suppose drawing without drawing from life is kind of like writing and not reading anything.  The extent of what one can imagine, for most, without being exposed to what others have thought, or noticing what others have seen; but beyond that, without teaching yourself to see for yourself — without making the effort to go out and be exposed to ideas other than what is generated in one’s own mind — one’s range is limited, and growth is more difficult than it has to be.

I had the dubious blessing today of attempting to draw in the back seat of a vibrating car with a brush pen.  *laughs*  It does something to your lines when your hand is bouncing up and down as regards the sketchbook…kind of reminds me of some fonts I’ve seen.

I haven’t been working in the coloring xeroxes today, yet.  And yes, I know they’re not on paper with a good tooth; but some of these mandalas are so complex that it would not seem enjoyable to trace them onto better stock.

M produced a number of books on deities that I can look over…this is spurred on by my having said something yesterday which related to the mandalas in one of the coloring books I xeroxed, particularly the ones in the Mahavidya section.  I need to go more into depth with understanding Kali before I can grasp the weight of completing a Kali yantra, even from a “spiritual, not religious” angle.  I wouldn’t want to be brazenly disrespectful, after all.  And Kali seems like one of the deity forms who takes some work to come to comfort with.  But knowing that she is related to Time…helps me understand her better.

I should get out of here and study or color or something…