fiber arts

frogged F&F; practicing cloverleaf cable

As I noted over on Ravelry, I’ve frogged what I began of the Feather & Fan pattern.  It was just too repetitive and I was getting bored, not to mention that the scallops ended up looking like the bottom of the ghosts from Pac-Man.  This is probably because I was clustering the YOs and K2togs into groups of eight instead of six…

Anyway.  It’s undone.  I wasn’t able to save all of the yarn, though — for some reason when I was undoing it, a couple of times the yarn wanted to thread through a knot or accumulated matted fluff, and at one point I just broke it off out of frustration instead of cutting the knot.  So I have most of two hanks of Misti Alpaca and one doubled strand of the beginnings of each of those hanks.  That doubled strand, though — I wound it around my feet to get it organized somehow, and I could twist it into a mini-hank, which let me know about how much I had used.

I’ve started to work on a pattern with that yarn, which name I can’t remember — it had something to do with cloverleafs and cables.  Right now I’m just practicing, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be using the Misti Alpaca Laceweight for this.  Holding two strands together just complicates things when I’m trying to tink back through an SSK and rework it.

I can see now that if I slipped the stitch knitwise to begin with and then have to undo this, I should also slip knitwise when working backwards…I think.  My major problem is trying to tink back through these areas and then rework the decrease…because I’m using a solid-colored yarn, it’s very difficult to see which stitches are from which row, and for some reason I keep ending up with an extra stitch on my needle while messing around with the SSK.

I believe this is either because:  1) I’m being doofy and when tinking, I’m picking up the stitch below the stitch I wish to work out of habit, when I should just be slipping the stitch on the needle; or 2) I’m somehow otherwise picking up a stitch below the row being worked when I’m attempting to tink back through an SSK.  Basically the mess looks like an out-of-place YO on top of the left needle.

I’m hoping to go out tomorrow and get about 400m of a fingering-weight yarn that changes color, to make a stole with the cloverleaf cable pattern.  It isn’t ideal, the colorchange portion of this — it’ll likely take attention away from the stitch pattern.  But it will be easier to see where I’m messing up.  Last time I was out, I found a blue-gray color scheme that was actually very beautiful, but that was a laceweight as well.  It is easier to work with the thicker yarns…