fiber arts

garter stitch and feather & fan

I started working on the garter-stitch scarf again because I thought it looked lonely, sitting there on the table in my bedroom, getting dusty. ;) I guess it’s good for when you want something that you aren’t going to mess up on. Plus it’s nice to feel the larger bamboo needles in my hands again, as versus the brass US size 3s.

Drawback: as mentioned before, I realized when starting work on the feather & fan lace, that I was working the garter-stitch scarf at way too high a tension. So I relaxed it — because if nothing else, this project is good for grounding me in some basics — particularly the knit stitch and yarn tension. I might as well learn how not to knit wrong, after all. So right now the scarf is an inch wider than when I began. (>_<) It's also less dense, and softer.

I'm not sure how much longer this skein of Bernat Sox is going to hold out. (The scarf ends when the skein ends — even though with the heathering going on, I might be able to get away with a different dye lot of the same yarn.) Right now I have enough length on the scarf to wrap it around my neck once, but I'd have to pin it if I wanted it to stay on. I do have a skirt pin left over from when I had to get a pin for my first-ever project, where I ran out of yarn. (It was gifted — supposed to be made into a poncho, but even with two skeins, there wasn't enough yarn. It's likely that this is because the yarn was bulky, so it was easy to underestimate how much would be needed.)

I wonder who pins skirts…

Anyway…I wasn't working the feather & fan because I kind of needed to de-stress, and lacework isn't all the time conducive to that, when you're a beginner. I kind of feel like the laceweight yarn is wasted, being held double. I wanted something that would be long and wide and lacy, and I'm getting something that isn't much wider than a scarf (feather & fan seems to shrink widthwise as the waves form) and for which I've only got 400m of length to work with. Plus, the cast-on edge is "elastic", meaning that it wants to shrink, meaning that the scalloped edge of the lace is basically curling upward.

But what is there, is pretty. And it's possible that the edge will be OK, if it's blocked. I just wonder if I should rip out and restart with one strand. It would be more difficult that way though, certainly.

The reason I'm using a double stranded technique is that I am really not aware of how much extra yarn I'll have to put into each loop with the laceweight stuff, just to be able to get the needle into the stitch in the next pass. (With two strands, the thickness of the yarns held together pushes outwards and creates more space in and between each stitch.) And this pattern has multiple K2togs right next to each other. The K2togs…require a certain amount of play in the tension, because you need to get the needle into two stitches at once.

I suppose when I put it like that, it's easier to see why I'm doing what I'm doing, and to forgive myself for not being more skilled than I am.

Of course, I could also just be having bad memories of bees invading the house and getting trapped and killed (*snif*) that I associate with the feather & fan project…

Poor bees. I didn't want to kill you, bees! *snif*