fiber arts

feather & fan official cast-on

Well, the cast-on actually occurred last night. Long tail with double-stranded laceweight yarn over a 3.25mm circular needle. Right now I’m just getting to the point where the knitting is starting to undulate over my needles.

I found out what a dropped stitch in lace looks like, today. We had bees coming down the chimney, and in my anxiety to try and deal with them I dropped my knitting and ran to get the Windex. When I dropped my needles, one of the stitches slipped off and I think ripped down one or two rows. I eventually had to tink back a quarter of a row to the row below, to where things were starting to have some kind of order, and then recognize that when I had a long loop below a working loop, this meant that I had dropped a stitch.

I ran and got my 3.25mm crochet hook and did what I saw on a knitting help website — I went under the loop I’d had on my needle and hooked the long loose yarn, threaded it through the mistaken loop, and put it back onto my needle in the proper direction.

I actually had to do it twice; the first time I did it from front to back, which was the correct direction for a knit stitch, but I realized on the way to get wasp and hornet repellent/poison (it is not fun killing bees) that I’d done this backwards; the row below the pattern row being worked was a purl row. So then I had to drop the stitch again and almost lose it and then put it back on the hook again.

Hopefully I won’t have to run after bees (EDIT: yellow jackets…) again anytime soon.