fiber arts

more working notes on feather & fan

Alright. So it’s been a night. I attempted a knitted-on cast on over 4mm needles last night with the Bamboo & Ewe (after a terrible first try with mercerized cotton). The knitted-on cast on seems to work a lot better than the long-tail cast on, to the point where I want to try this cast-on method with a single strand of the laceweight yarn on my 3.25mm circular needles. The 4mm needles left large holes, even without yarn-overs, which doesn’t mesh well with my aesthetics.

I wanted to try and see what working the double-stranded version over at least 3.5mm needles would look like — if it would be considerably less dense. It seems, though, that this would imply my buying a 3.5mm straight needle set to see if the lace even looked good, and then a 3.5mm circular in order to knit the final product, and that’s running at least $20. I think that later tonight I’m going to try what I mentioned in the first paragraph and see if it is at all workable.