fiber arts

correction — and quilting!

I mentioned earlier that I thought the Brown Sheep yarn I’m using was supposed to resist felting. I don’t think it is. I went and checked the ball band when I broke into this new ball of yarn and it says, “mothproofed”, not “superwash”. I guess I confused one for the other.

And now I’m wondering how this is going to look after it’s washed…oh, well…I’ll see eventually.

And yeah, over the weekend I started on a quilt-piecing project. This has been pretty nice so far even though I know I don’t know how far in to start stitching or end stitching…right now my stitches are running over into the seam allowances…

I’m doing the sewing in this project by hand with quilting thread and size 10 needles. There’s something about sewing by hand that I like, that I don’t get when I sew by machine. So far I’ve done six seams — I stopped on the weekend after the sun went down.

I should really go now, but I should note to myself that I’m thinking of saving for a rotary cutting mat, should I continue to find the quilting fulfilling…

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