fiber arts

update on Winter’s Dust (Wool Eater blanket)

I’ve restarted work on Winter’s Dust — the lapghan I was making late last year.  What I can say at this point is that I think if I ever make another of these, it won’t be out of 100% acrylic yarn.  I’ve been using what I’ve crocheted so far to cover my lap at the computer.  It is very bulky and heavy, and it doesn’t really insulate that well.  However, I’m wondering if this will change once it’s washed and gets a chance to fluff up.

After making the cowl out of Homespun and feeling the wind rip right through it, though, I suppose this is just a learning experience.  I don’t think I really believed my Fibers instructor when she said that acrylic was not warm, but I see what she meant now.

I have a cotton thermal blanket that is warmer than this one…

I suppose the problem lies in where one could get enough yarn out of a warm fiber to make a blanket without breaking the bank.  Maybe it’s just better to sew a blanket…

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