beading, fiber arts

Day before Xmas Eve rush

Well, Bracelet 1.0 is out.  If I wrote what the reaction was to it, it would probably sound like bragging, but I got invited to make more jewelry and sell it to her.  Well, maybe I can write a little…the recipient was showing it to everyone in the office.  :)  I probably shouldn’t post more lest I make myself and her identifiable.

Let’s see.  I’m about to finish the ribbed scarf for Xmas.  I went back and tightened the crimp beads on G-M’s bracelet…M’s necklace is done.  S’s bracelet is restrung and ready to go (though I wish I  hadn’t cut the tail end of thread so close to the knot).

What needs to be done:

1) weave in ends on ribbed scarf

2) wrap gifts!  May need to find boxes for jewelry, I don’t know where.  Maybe I can make origami envelopes for them, but that won’t stop them from being crushed, unless I use really sturdy paper.  I should check online.

E’s stuff should be easy enough to wrap; A’s stuff can also be wrapped easily.  I should start on that.  B’s stuff still needs to be delivered.

After I finish weaving in these ends I can help with the cooking, though I do want to catch up on my kanji book.

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