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New books

This is going to be a quick post just to say that I picked up a couple of new books.  These are _Knitting in Plain English_ and _Crocheting in Plain English_.  From what I’ve read of both, there’s some overlap.  But I ran across these two, earlier, and was impressed enough with what I read (and saw, in the diagrams), to pick the both of them up.

A full review will have to wait…I’m only on Chapter Five of KPE (and in CPE, I’m only far enough to have learned a new hook position which makes my fabrics softer).  I decided to pick up KPE because I want to learn how to knit, and I needed a reference that was better than the free “Idiot’s Guide” lying around the house, which I’ve found not to be trustworthy.

I can name one instance where the diagrams in the latter are obviously wrong (though I only figured that out after going to…I would be on the lookout for more errors, but I really don’t plan on going back to that book if I can help it.

Initially I thought that these two books were just to explain pattern terminology, but I do think now that they’re going to go far beyond that.

I’m continuing on the Flexi Cowl that I began a while ago (crochet).  No pictures, yet.  I really don’t know how it will turn out.  This is the project where I changed hook position basically 1/3 of the way through the project, though having a perfect flat rectangle isn’t necessary for this pattern.

And, I began practicing garter stitch on my bamboo needles.  (Which warped.)  I’m thinking that when I do begin on the scarf that I want to make to familiarize myself with the knit stitch, that I should probably use an ombre (slow color-change) yarn, as versus a tweed (?).  I mean by that, that there is a yarn which has two different colors to the plies, which I’d been planning on using for warmth…the problem is that the colors are both neutrals.

Ah, I don’t know.  The tweed is cheap enough that I could easily make a stole.  But there are other, prettier yarns out there.  It’s not a question of function, so long as I keep to wool, but of economy and style, I suppose.  The project could turn out looking pretty good as well as being functional.  It would just likely be smaller.

Wow, I’m getting tired.  I should get to bed.

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